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Just had a wonderful celebratory dinner for one of my friends who just got a promotion. I drank three glasses of wine and had some delicious escargot soufflé. I feel fancy. And a little tipsy. But it was nice. :)


The week back from vacation always sucks. I was handed this project on Monday to prepare for a meeting for this upcoming Monday. I’ve been stressing all week (and PMSing ugh) trying to find the time to prepare. Had a meeting today and things seem to be in good shape.

Currently listening to Santigold (thanks jadeddiva for reminding me how awesome she is!) and waiting for a friend to call to grab dinner. Wheeee.

I’m ready for dinner to gossip and talk about my crushy feelings for a dude and just basically see if I’m insane for thinking this might go somewhere. I wish I wasn’t so scared to get hurt again.

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